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Following an unexpected stroke that left him with Locked-in syndrome, a rare condition that leaves all of the body paralyzed, Patrick Stein is forced to reexamine his place in the world, and fight for his life. The Stein family is determined to do everything they can to create a quality life for their child and his future. It’s a film about a young man persevering to not only stay alive but to thrive in a body that he cannot physically control, while his family struggles to fend off financial challenges.


In the blink of an eye the most mundane moments in life quickly become extraordinary feats of human strength and perseverance. Through the power of film, AIMH gives access to a beautiful mind trapped in what many would consider their worst nightmare.

People never realize that what you fear is all in your head
— Patrick Stein

“I participate as a way to challenge myself & raise money for the care of Patrick Stein. I’m challenging everyone to join me. Dare yourself & ask your friends, family & acquaintances to support Patrick with donations & spirit. Please support Patrick and his journey by visiting our ‘Get Involved’ tab” – Mary Jo Harte, Patrick’s nurse & friend.